About Me

Hello there! I'm Vitor Capretz, a Software Engineer based in Brazil 🇧🇷 and currently working at WorkOS.

I started coding in 2011 when I applied for an IT course and learned Delphi and VB.Net (glad I'm using neither of them nowadays). I then moved to Web programming and got my first internship in 2013, where I built static landing pages using HTML, CSS, and jQuery before writing applications using PHP.

From there, I ended up focusing much more on the JavaScript ecosystem and picked up Node.js and React from their early days and fell in love.

In 2018 I moved to Sweden to work for Klarna as a Mobile Engineer with React Native and learned Swift and SwiftUI. I still spend some time now and then having fun with iOS development by building small apps.

When I'm not coding, I spend time with my family, read books, study finance, watch TV shows and movies (I particularly enjoy going to the theatres).

I am very excited about starting practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I'm eager to keep getting beat up until I get decent at it!